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Xiamen CHENG have driving school is by provinces police, and traffic, and business, sector approved registered of formal driver training school, from established up carried out independent training big guest (a, as) driver work, years training scale constantly development, training Hou of driver not only make up has bus itself of need, and for city the has car units provides has large qualified of driving talent, driving skills get consistent praise. Currently, Xiamen CHENG have driving school, and Xiamen driving school, and Xiamen learn car, and Xiamen driving school price, and Xiamen learn car price, and Xiamen which driving school good, and Xiamen learn car how many money, and Xiamen learn car which driving school good, and Xiamen driving school phone, and Xiamen learn car registration phone has training A3 big guest coach car 30 car, C1 small (Santana) coach car 20 car, internship coach car 15 car, organization institutions, and management system, and management personnel, and teaching facilities equipment, and training site are meet Ministry motor vehicle driving training institutions qualification conditions Driving schools at the comprehensive level qualification, is the largest comprehensive driver training base in Xiamen.
Xiamen driving schools feature: independent, bold, confident temperament--modern cars; quality, strength, integrity--Xiamen driving qualities. Xiamen Cheng driving school is approved by the provincial traffic authority pilot training base, to provide our drivers with a full range of one-stop services.
Xiamen was driving to a strong faculty. A full range of training models, reasonable prices, flexible training system, strict quality measures to teach. Comprehensive services to student-oriented, quality as the key link, honest teaching and service-oriented. Now, the car has been in fashion, riding horse riding North and spiritual things, what about you? Do you want to go beyond? If you choose a driving school in Xiamen, as you master the high starting point of learning how to drive, beyond how easy they are!
Xiamen driving school's faculty, open, full of enthusiasm to greet the arrival of you ... ...