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Bad driving habits

Following I to everyone listed about driving in the of bad habits, if you has these habits can to early overcome, because these are directly effect to you of driving security:
1. to can see is far of place, so has been using far light lamp;
2. change lane or will turn Shi only playing bright steering lamp;
3. left Shi not note rear to car;
4. missed turn at forced change lane;
5. front also is red Shi on 1.1 points of forward mobile; < BR/>6. signal light turns yellow faster by;
7. frequent lane changes;
8. rolling in the corner or outside of the Central trains routes;
9. and too close to vehicles in front.
in addition to develop good driving habits, a master safe driving skills are also very important. In unusual weather conditions, good driving skills is more important. For example storm weather in, lane Shi best in water open and has uniform broken spray of place driving through, don't high-speed had ditch, and puddle; Wade before and after should speed slow line; to note keep full of lane distance, as don't emergency brake, steering Shi also don't too urgent; rain in the drive to will big lamp open, best put anti-fog lamp also open, through water road Hou, should light stepped on brake driving, to makes brake disc, and tablets Zhijian of water as soon as possible evaporation and so on. For example when driving in winter weather, regardless of snow, snow mode opens when the snow in vehicle mode, vehicle driving and slow to accelerate, should slow down when turning.
so much, in fact, mainly in the hope that we can eliminate misconceptions about auto safety, in the car, drive to the correct understanding and use of these safety devices, and get rid of some bad driving habits. BACK