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Car insurance there are six bet

1, drunken driving, driving without a license, no inspection do not pay
the above scenario, the qualification of the drivers do not have road, serious violations of traffic laws. In addition, if the driver does not comply with the type/internship at high speed, the insurance company refused to pay.
experts advise: special attention to not drink and drive, don't lend your car driving friends and relatives had been made "addiction".
2 engine free of damage caused by water and start again
insurance companies think, driving deep into the water, after the engine shuts off, if the driver is forced fire damage is caused by improper operation, are not within the scope of compensation.
expert: more rain in summer weather, pay attention to closing the doors and Windows.
3, retrofitting their equipment does not lose
a lot of owners will install stereos, refrigerators, spoiler, luggage racks and other equipment, but once the collision damage, the insurance company would compensation for these new devices.
experts advise: If you want to buy insurance for these new devices, you can cover "new equipment damage." However, if car left after safety problems, did not notify the insurance company, had an accident the same without compensation.
4 break
, some parts stolen if not the whole car is stolen, only parts such as tires, stereo equipment, chebiao.com stolen, the owner can only be completely out of luck. Insurance companies usually provide "non-vehicle by theft and robbery, car parts or accessories only stolen, robbed, robbed, being damaged" for exclusions.
expert: anti-theft devices and safe parking places is essential, don't think that buying stolen emergency fail-safe.
5, renounce recourse break
after a car accident, if it is someone else's responsibility, not because of the trouble and give up claim to the other party, because it meant giving up the right to demand compensation from the insurance company. Both insurance and insurance provision, there is such a provision.
experts advise: once the danger and responsibility on the other, must first find the other side claims, failed again when looking for insurance companies, and the transfer of right of recourse to the insurance company. In addition, the accident police resolve on both sides, and certificate of liability is an important basis for insurance claims.
6, losses will not be lost during repair
If the vehicle is repaired during the collision, theft and other losses, insurance company will not pay for, because the repair shop has the responsibility to keep the maintenance vehicles. In addition, the clauses generally agreed, insurance vehicle "race, test" is not responsible for compensation for loss suffered during the period. BACK