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Fuel efficient driving how do I open

International oil price consolidation from $ 50~60 last year to $ 70~80 this year has been high, recent record, drivers purse was bleeding a lot. Daily traffic by needed of gasoline more is rising, average gains up 25%, General people in salary not moving and oil is soared high of high oil times, especially hot summer gasoline of using volume more is amazing, how can let vehicles in driving Shang more province oil, let oil money burden reduce, is everyone must face of important subject, after all everyone are not hope himself of pouch has been shrink. Article

control tips car fuel and driving habits are closely related
oil, in addition to the depot design efficient engine, a streamlined body, technology and the driver and vehicle characteristics and habits are closely related. Buy a fuel efficient car is our primary focus, followed by driving habits, the same model by different people to drive, will have a different fuel, so the driving habits of drivers is also an important part of fuel.
province oil primary method is purchase lightweight car, "car heavy more light", and "low exhaust volume", and "body streamlines" or "light Department" vehicles, its province oil effect will excellent in "car heavy more heavy", and "big exhaust volume", and "wind resistance coefficient big" or "dark Department" vehicles, exhaust volume: according to Economic Department both energy Council fuel consumption test information analysis, exhaust volume smaller of models fuel efficiency high in exhaust volume larger of models, to gasoline minivan for cases, exhaust volume 2, 000c.c. level model test results, urban fuel consumption between 7.6~11.9 km/litre between high-speed fuel between 12.6~18.6 km/l; average fuel consumption between 9.5~14.0 km
/litres, displacement 3,000c.c. level model test results, urban fuel consumption between 7.3~9.8 km/litre; high-speed fuel between 11.9~15.4 km/l; average fuel consumption between 9.0~11.7 km/litre.
according to the study results showed that passenger cars per 100 kg load, fuel consumption of about 1~5, unnecessary equipment and debris, consideration could be removed from the car, in the absence of security concerns following the former used tire to replace the spare tire, spare tire the weight of 8~10 pounds. If children don't ride when, child safety seat can get off, although some inconveniences, but to reduce the weight, it adds up. To minimize unnecessary loads to reduce weight, reduce load to improve vehicle fuel efficiency, reduced 30 kg gas year, 250 Yuan.
tire pressure each reduced 5 pounds, increased about 1.5 above fuel consumption, oil fee annual more out 385 Yuan, tire pressure keep in original recommends range within, can reduced mill wipe resistance, reduced not necessary of tire wear, addition tire width degrees larger of tire, this tire provides caught to performance, but tire surface grounding area big, friction also big, engine on have increased power, relative oil also with have more some, especially still started Shi, fuel special obviously.
avoid gasoline spills when refueling, fuel tank cap locking can reduce oil evaporation and loss and keeping oil clean.
cold car started 後 without in gap refueling door for hot car, to slowly driving can accelerated reached engine normal work temperature, don't again idle speed temperature car has, now of car has not using carburetor, without like yiqian as cold car to pulled resistance throttle to hot car, right do
method is side drive, and side hot car, as long as speed don't too fast, open a small paragraph road, engine on can up work temperature, BMWM3 on has work temperature displayed table, dang work temperature up normal Shi only can pulled high engine speed.
vehicle should be steady acceleration, try to maintain a constant speed on the way, two-speed speed maintained at 90~100 km, maintained at 40~50 km/h in city driving the most fuel efficient, fuel costs per year, 1980.
combined with the speed and load, with the appropriate gear, do not overload the engine.
keep a safe distance from the vehicle, avoid slamming on the brakes, another writer is often found on the front is a red light, driving still to throttle a prayer, rushed to the zebra crossing and then stop, so driving is not only fuel, passengers on Board was hurt. When you turn smooth, steady, slow to make use of the engine stalls when braking, be prepared to stop except in special emergency situation, advised to slow down to avoid sudden braking.
during the drive when encountering parking situation needs a long time, the engine should be avoided idling idling, or likely to cause carbon and fuel consumption.
appropriate use of car air conditioning systems can save energy at a temperature not higher than 26 ° c turn off the air conditioner can save fuel consumption, fuel costs, 1700 Yuan a year on average. According to the findings, gasoline passenger cars with air-conditioning system or not, could cause up to 20 vehicle fuel efficiency significantly affected. Stop at a park in the shade, by insulating paper, sunshade and other tools to reduce the temperature inside the car, under vehicle if exposure to the Sun, elevated temperature to 50~60 ° c in the car, start the engine start air conditioner,
down in the car air conditioner longer running time, will certainly consume more gasoline. If a replacement effect of insulating paper, or you can let car cool effects can be maintained for a long time, so fewer air conditioning compressor run time, and less fuel consumption. Good practice should be open air first and then turn on the air conditioner, doors open for a few minutes before driving, started to open a window after start air, exhaust hot air then turn on the air conditioner, air conditioners should be avoided at maximum, so is the most fuel. BACK