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Novice driving needs attention

First: understanding the dashboard features include: speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, oil pressure warning light warning lights, brake system and so on.
II: know the basic principle of adjusting the rear-view mirror, mirror.
III: knowledge and proper use of turn signals, headlights, wipers, Horn and other systems.
the fourth: correct the steering wheel to do: how to play less, and less, slow play back slowly back, fight back, fight back. Familiar with the gear switching between locations and stalls.
fifth: to coordinate cooperation between the clutch and throttle. When starting operation of the clutch pedal to do: start smoothly and does not turn off, no rush block, particularly when sloping up, traffic jam, with cars driving smoothly.
sixth: speed, direction of heart
novice driver, top speed under control, according to their own level of skill, speed control that they think can be taken into account to avoid vehicles, provided they observe the traffic rules, driving their speed, such as stalling, urging the Horn without too much notice of acceleration of the vehicle next level! This is mainly to avoid the psychological mood of panic!
seventh: course development
novice before driving where want to go should be pre-determined routes, screened a smooth road, avoiding complex and difficult to open sections, such as re-election as soon as possible in case of traffic jam routes!
the eighth: preventing
novice driver, to anticipate their possible ahead of things. For example: when turning, don't see places may appear individuals when suddenly a car or killed; the vehicle ahead suddenly brakes. This thought, you will have a ready, speed control in a certain range, NIP.
Nineth: traffic lights, flashing lights stopped
when passing through the traffic lights should be watching the flashing lights ahead, road cars, pedestrians senses! Flashing green light had better not. New operations are not skilled, flashing green light past the junction will encounter fruit. Emergencies and unprepared, causing bad rim!
the tenth: the Zebra
zebra crossing, such as a bicycle, pedestrian, it must advance slowed down, slowly close, cruise control whenever the brakes, slow through the case of pedestrian, cycling through, timely and controlled parking, then start again slowly pass!
11th: "white Plaid-controlled areas" shall
main entrance place, lane dividers are white squares. Do not have to fall on, whether novice, veteran, was also fined by photographs. If not photographed an accident to bear the full responsibility. "King", good at people to go!
12th: "scratch"
look at the rear view mirror when the rear-view mirror, don't watch it. "Scratch" type of view is better, no can see several times. Rear view mirror is going to add, is the sublimation of the turn!
13th: turn left and right when turning around
, remember to first turn signals, along this lane turn left first, don't rush immediately to the right lane to the left, walk to the left lane, bent, his car went straight up. Want to be to the left aisle, look left and right side rear-view mirror to ensure safe lane change. (Applies to more than a three-lane road) some cars feel your car will overtake slow, keep in mind the rearview mirror to see!
14th: press light
some participants just comes out sometimes does not understand directions by car, some traffic lights indicate above walk press pass Lane, new car at the traffic lights, the arrow indicates no clear lights and round lights. Sometimes seeing round lights are red, but straight ahead or turn right arrow is green, I do not know whether or not straight ahead or turn right. Can go. Lamp has a tip for beginners: every traffic light, look at whether the arrow, then press the arrow, no arrow on the round light green, red, stop. Otherwise is illegal! -500 Ah!
15th: driving change lanes change lanes when
and line, try not to cross two more lanes. Safe operation is to first make a turning signal, watch the rear-view mirror, slowly change the way, slow centers, look at the rear view mirror, and slowly becomes a lane and back turn signals. One lane is a lane, which will avoid temporary vision corner knocked out of negligence. BACK