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Novices to overcome six major weaknesses

Pass the exam to get a driver's license, some distance from the road also skillfully. Lack of hands-on experience for new players are less confident, since taking the first step, might as well learn driving skills, novices often encounter trouble, get rid of new hats, early into skilled driving.
pass the exam to get a car is one thing, actually drove on the road is another matter, no lanes, no coaches teach, lack of experience lead unsure was dared not by many beginners do not have the courage to take the first step, or only in sparsely populated areas to satisfy. Also there are new to retreat without waiting out of the community, driving is a skill, pay attention to practice makes perfect, and skilled driving theoretical knowledge alone is not enough, nor in the practice yard to get, clenched their teeth into urban areas.
address: labeled as "internships" sign, drivers on the road are basically, adventurousness, the point of peace, it's nothing to be afraid of. Carefully checked prior to boarding the car, driving their own cars, go their own routes. Even if the car on the way to all of a sudden "break", and rear Horn case, don't panic, lest more mess, just follow the usual procedures to restart it.

up stalling, or car for new players to feel timid. Especially when lined up on overpasses, not solid basic skills, not only difficult, embarrassing, also affects a lane of traffic. Meet Po, big foot throttle, plus the hand brake can solve, novice when bad throttle, clutch, brake, it is difficult to start again.
: new easy all of a sudden because of bad throttle control forward, pay attention to keep a car from the vehicle to avoid collision. Don't let the car horn after disrupting the mood, put up a block, left foot in loose clutch oil, release the hand brake, vehicle can smoothly uphill. Even older drivers have suddenly stalled, beginners practice a few times, after the oil off with skilled, is no longer a problem.
novices unfamiliar with the road, and still did not have multitasking skills, and often will not begin until junction and lines, emergency breaking wheel, stuck in the middle of the road. Skill skilled older drivers trained to the "fit" of Kung Fu, even gap when can also easily and online. For the uninitiated, and live wire is definitely a high technology content, in particular traffic around large, but dared not to start, she hesitated and missed opportunity.
: will remind a sign before the intersection, the novice to develop vision far, made plans to driving habits, avoid temporary deal and line. And when ready, first look at the driveway and into the lane, after estimating two-lane car distance speed and whether there is enough time to smooth and line, waiting for the right time when turn signals, speeding into into the lane, requested action decisive, in one fell swoop.
another problem of not knowing the way a novice, newbie on principle it is best to go their own routes, can really hit the road, even if the route was designed, or because there is no time line, or remember the wrong exit and go the long way.
: in fact, many roadside guide signs, to mark the next corner, not knowing the way novice at the intersection in front slowed down, according to the signs to choose their own road. Guided routes for others, revisit intentions written down, a long time down the road is not difficult. However, once a ban is going the wrong way on the open turn, turn around or when the one-way streets, rather more around the way back, walk back and don't violate traffic laws. Fine points of small, safe.
parking headaches, even moved around sweat doesn't make the car smoothly into the garage.
address: in addition to parking space when parking outside the big obstacle after also paying particular attention are high undetected fire hydrants, steps and other obstacles and depression on the ground. Reversing to slow, beginners practice best veteran from suggesting, after the command and become familiar with the different parking parking skills, practice a few times.
/> rearview mirror while driving during the whole six, ready to respond to emergencies, all on the rear-view mirror of the car to the driver's field of vision expanded, especially in the and lines, reversed, or when overtaking, has become indispensable rear-view mirror to help. Novice and just hit the road tend to be too nervous, staring ahead, and have no time for the distractions to deal with vehicles around.
: Beginner is first used in the rear-view mirror image, and accept real comparison images, and quickly restore the physical brain. When road conditions are not too complicated, the novice to try more than attention to the vehicle's rear-view mirror, pay attention to road conditions and the condition of vehicles around. BACK