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Ramp travel tips

Due to the effects of inertia force, downhill roads more difficult to drive than the uphill road. If it is a short slope, can be used in routine driving on the basis of appropriate with reduction gear, if it is a long slope, into the
line is as follows:
(1) reduce speed before the downhill, the vehicle at slow speed into the next ramp.
(2) downhill before changing into the appropriate gear, should choose the second or third gear. Is strictly prohibited in paragraph entered the downhill and then shift gears.
(3) in the downhill, non neutral glide must go into the appropriate gear, engine check function reduce the speed of vehicles sliding.
(4) downhill using brakes, downhill before testing the braking performance is good, if there is fault, troubleshooting after the downhill. Long way, intermittent use of the brake in order to effectively control the pace of decline in vehicle. Try to avoid using the emergency brake, to emergency braking, need to remain upright in the vehicle when braking.
(5), lighter downhill using the steering wheel, not swerve, in case of inertial force, speed, caused by the improper use of steering roll over.
(6), distance between vehicles should be kept at 50 meters. If the slope is too long, the inertial forces of the car are very large, increasing the distance.
(7) If after the downhill and uphill, when they approach the Po di must do the slope preparation, release the brake pedal in time, change into top gear at the right time. BACK