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Driving test services

Special terrain driving skills

Snow and mud
when driving on snow and ice or mud road should start full time or time sharing a four-wheel-drive system. Driving a Wrangler Rubicon can be used Rock-Trac full time AWD system. Hanging into the lower, and transfer case switch to low-speed four-wheel drive mode, you can provide along with plenty of low-speed traction, even over snow can tow heavy loads.
's trick is to keep a certain forward speed. In order to get better traction, tire pressure is lower than normal pressure 10~12 pounds. In case of gradual loss of traction, slowly turn the steering wheel back and forth, the wheels regain grip traction vehicles.
crossing ridges, make sure that steep. On the other side of the Hill before you know. While the Wrangler two-door version up to 38.4 ° approach angle and 31.4 ° departure angle, and 259 mm minimum ground clearance to help drivers become mountaineering expert.
rock climbing or across the
with a slow four-wheel-drive mode, allowing vehicles slowly forward. Wrangler fitted with protective plate, can buffer subjected to impact. Reduce the tire pressure 3~5 pounds increase grip, and can avoid the tire is punctured. Rock climbing/ideal speed was 1.6~5 kilometers per hour.
grille with plastic sheeting before Wade cover good engine protection module; former increasing power ashore to help tire caught the water soft ground. Wrangler wading depth of 48.26 cm better than similar models.

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