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Eyes select driving school
it is understood that the present Nanjing school has around 40, but there are some black driving up enrollment. Differentiate the school formal informal watch it there is no "road transport operators permit."
in terms of faculty, space, equipment, teaching content and comply with the relevant national standards for training institutions, are issued by the Department of transport "road transport operators permit" has the certificate of the school, in terms of hardware and software, can be guaranteed.
in many driving schools on the flyer, such as "best school" "top school" and various honorary titles, makes consumer dazzling. Reporters in Yu hua driving school entry hall to see, "quality and credit grade", "Advanced Unit in yuhuatai district", and many other honors, but they are issued by the traffic Department. Originally, the transport sector aimed at driving school offers a quality, credibility, trustworthiness evaluation system and standards to the highest rated driving school once a year with outstanding honors certificate will be issued, the most authoritative.
reporter reminded car owners, when selecting a driving school, should such honors as a driving school driving school training quality and credibility of reference. Meanwhile, should not easily believe advertising claims, to the school and see for yourself, look at school hardware.
comfort is very important
at present, various driving schools in the suburbs of Nanjing, through driving shuttle buses, to make the students go to school for training. When driving the credibility of all the same case, conveniently located driving school should be first choice for students.
according to the introduction, each driving school now have shuttle students, many students tend to more recent driving away from the city, da Ming Lu, such as Yu hua driving school, driving school, and so on. A lot of students in order to catch the school bus, usually going to plan their work disrupted the road a one-way delay time is generally about 50 minutes. Reporter in the morning starting from Xin Jie Kou to Yu hua driving school a few days ago, after the subway ride from Ender under, as long as 10 minutes the bus to reach school, and bus routes 8, took only half an hour's time. Free traffic convenience can go, and no telephone booking then you can take training, study, time be free, more convenient. Daming road driving next to Daming road, bus lines are really good. Learner very easy
in the
cool for hot summer days, difficult conditions, many driving schools are also ready, have launched a night in summer, generally at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon until 8 o'clock, avoided suffering practice driving students suffering from the hot sun.
a reporter a few days ago in Yu hua driving school, practicing the following farm is in a cool greenhouse, a total of 15. And driving all of the coach cars are brand new, after the hot weather, the participants can learn in air-conditioned car, like cars, are more comfortable.
learner students for the day, rain guoliang Li, Vice President of the driving school offers some practical advice.
first, just when everyone is excited and nervous, will inevitably become said because of the novelty and to sweat.
in practice, will be fierce because am not sure when manoeuvring power, easily tired and angry, so to keep hydrated, drinking tea and water, carbonated drinks irritate the stomach, thirst-quenching effect is also good.
clothing, clothing should be thin, loose, sweat-absorbent, shoes is the best lightweight sports shoes. Women do not wear high heels, not only the accelerator is not convenient, and even had difficulty getting on and off.
car, should put a little sunscreen on skin, car does not feel right when I told my coach, find a shady place to rest. Of course, the light-oriented diet, eating more fruits and vegetables, keep people energized. BACK