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Wrong way to drive

In order to avoid driving during the novice or student "died", coaches will often "half linkage" spread, allow students to step on the clutch, brakes is encountered, the first step on clutch and brakes. Some people down the long slope, unconsciously, to adopt such a way to prevent an emergency brake "died". Causes of
: the new car is the most commonly encountered problems because without stepping on the clutch and "died", the coach also love their cars often "reset" always stresses the students to "pay attention to step on the clutch", resulting in students ' first step on the clutch, even some students left foot has not completely leaving the clutch pedal.
professional reviews: will accelerate the aging of the clutch over a long time, to shorten the half-clutch State, otherwise the clutch of active and passive for long in a State of slight friction, heating temperature of the clutch clutch damage, will also accelerate the wear and tear on the pressure plate, release bearing and other parts.
cornering with braking
due to the amount of advance braking reserved enough or is lack of awareness, many coaches used in the corners slightly slowed down, and leave the main deceleration time in the corners.
form reason: this is an instinctive habit, due to bring people caution about the speed curve, from coaching to students will be used in the corners to step on the brakes, so that the inside is more practical.
professional reviews: bend the brakes will make around brake wear is not the same, long time will speed up the chassis and tyre wear, speed will also affect the balance of vehicles, causing the accident. Should be loosened before entering the turn the throttle, if the speed is very fast, then appropriate step on brakes to avoid in the process of turning the temporary brake, in turn 2/3 the distance they could step on the gas. Low speed shift

This is 95% more than coaches make mistakes: "car for a second, as far as possible into the block. "Driving more older drivers and coaches, the more adamant that should be driving, they tend to shift when engine speed 1600-1800rpm. One jeep drove very carefully, rarely more than 2000rpm, because his coaches have tried "turn low fuel, the engine is good", but the Passat only travel over more than 5,000 miles on the engine wobble, valve carbon deposit. Car-m.CN
causes: engine and vehicle in China in the past, from the material, design, process and debug levels are unacceptable with high speed and high speed test, so only low speed low speed.
professional reviews: rapid shift is not wrong, the key is that many owners began to shift, and the more the more seasoned chef has this habit that can fuel and the engine well, but this is wrong habits. Each car has a shift speed of reference and should step on the gas the vehicle reaches a certain speed and then shift, and now universally designed with high engine speed as the reference value, shift when combined with a good low speed vehicles prone to stalling and shaking.
/> space in today's high oil prices, use of space for fuel purposes is the owner of commonly used techniques, some of the coaches are also taught.
form reason: coaches tend to think that not only fuel efficient but also reduce wear on the brake pads.
professional reviews: in fact, both automatic and manual transmission vehicles, open slide will not fuel efficient, but may have serious consequences. Now cars are mostly used electronic fuel injection systems, but for security reasons, manufacturers slide was initially not considered neutral in this situation, so there are actually vehicles in a neutral State is non-normal operation. Also exacerbate the wear of clutches, gears, so instead of saving fuel, and also to the safe driving lay hidden.

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