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electronic road venue briefings, according to the Ministry of public security of the motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use requirements of the RET-2000 computer driving test system was developed to build electronic road venue, equipment, subject to the acceptance of the facilities can be put to use. Electronic road venue has through continuous obstacles, speed limit through wide doors, rough road driving, by limiting unilateral bridge, hundred meters uphill fixed parking ramp starts, stalls, addition and subtraction curve driving, quarter turn, lateral parking nine computer exam, exam room has a number of test lines, can at the same time for the car to test. Each exam is installed on car computers and sensors, test between the control center and all test vehicles, real time transmission and exchange of data with wireless local area networks, data exchange is reliable and stable. On-board computers can be automatically recorded and judged participants driving vehicles in different road and traffic environment levels of driving skills and, according to the national uniform appraisal standards, equitable, fair, and transparent identification of student achievement.
II, road test criteria
(a) by continuous barriers
1. Do not follow the regular route to complete, failing the exam;
2. Riding, a round cake, deduction of 20 points;
3. Outlet edge of the wheel, deduction of 20 points;
4 touch, brush a round cake, and deducted 10 points.
(ii) unilateral bridge
1 a, there are no bridges on time, deducted 20 points;
2. Ride on deck, appears in the running of a wheel falling off a bridge, and deducted 10 points.
(c) quarter turn
1. Salient points of contact pressure of the wheel, failing the exam;
2. Each touches a rolling road edge of the wheel, deduction of 20 points;
3. By reversing completed, deducted 10 points.
1 side parking spaces. Tire touching extricating difficult position and lane in the sidelines, deducted 10 points;
2. Vehicle in storage after the cessation of cars out the location line and deducted 10 points;
3. Storage does not put the body position after, deduction of 5 points.
(v) the uphill point Park and Hill-start
1. Vehicle bumper undecided on stakes on the line, and exceeds 50 cm, failing the exam;
2. After starting to slip more than 30 cm, failing the exam;
3. Vehicle bumper undecided on stakes on the line, no more than 50 cm, deduction of 20 points;
4. Body does not stop at one corner within 30 cm from the right line, deduction of 20 points;
5. After starting to slip less than 30 cm, deduction of 20 points;
(f) speed limit by limiting wide-door
1. Speed below 20 km/h by, failing the exam;
2. Each scratches of a loft, deduction of 20 points.
(seven) the hundred-metre block
> add and subtract 1. Does not complete the addition, subtraction in the hundred meters out, failing the exam;
2. Stall or skip shift or unable to control with one hand, deduction of 20 points.
1 rough road driving. Jumping obstacles through a worse, cause the motor vehicle drivers, examiner, failing the exam;
2. Stalled once, deducted 20 points;
3. Irregularity through obstacles, and deducted 10 points.
(I) curve
1. Wheel position wrong vehicle bump and discord of road edge, deduction of 20 points;
2. Control the direction of the wrong time, too early or too late adjustment direction, deducted 10 points.

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