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Subjects in the second driving-test experience

1. in drive transit steering wheel of speed and speed control decided has car steering of line, judge himself line go big has also is go small has (will touch side rod), can in car tail will storage Qian in car by in side rearview mirror in observation car tail and 2nd, rod of distance, makes they of distance keep in about 30 cm, small has on put steering wheel first back off one points; big has is in see 3rd, or 1th, Rod Shi first not back first put, to see 6th, or 4th, Rod Shi two put with back. If your line is always too large, you should see diagonal Rod coincide ahead (in particular the effort smaller gay women).
2. parking space instead, and the starting point the starting point is very important, with the front end of the car is the best location to keep distance of 1.2~1.5 m, before you see a student in an exam after the examination, train crew must stop it again, is to set the distance. Second failure rate is high, it is often in the "actually start" position is not stopped. According to each person's height and distance, mastered the car straight out into the front cover no lines (front lines) that push way two and a half circle, inclined to go out and see the hood left corner pressed no line (front line) two laps, trying out always about control within a distance of 1.2~1.4 metres.
3. reversing and parking as possible when moving the foot after the end of practice when coach will make a mark next to the library, but is not marked in an exam, so you'd be in the car to find the marker (such as a door handle location), which can handle it well.
4. examination of infra-red probe, alignment is not the most wide body, as the widest point of body does not necessarily stop when you plumb out of bounds, so as long as they are in the rearview mirror to see the side edge is no problem, especially with 2, 5th line distance, not tried to amend. If lateral line being too close, should pay attention to the next step to start playing not too hastily, lest out of the car.
5. turn one or two turns of the steering wheel should begin the habit of connecting the habit (alternating hands is a circle or half a turn at a time) to avoid staring at the steering wheel and can't take into account vehicle location. BACK