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Charge standard

Specific details:
1, C1 tuition 4600 Yuan (including training fees, textbook fees, insurance, Internet access fees, 20 photos).
2, related documents: 4 one-inch white colour, photocopies of 1 (written on the back of height, weight, home address and telephone number, to St site registration);
in the online registration form classmates can enjoy two-off duty group price, please see the following list of specific rules and procedures. Long-term enrollment registration (information process all OK) a week or so to inform theory test, theory test by car in a week. Double duty, students usually don't have time at night to new road driving training, training may have to wait one or two weeks after the end of time to hit the road, for lots of people this time online registration weekend, Lu Xun can only be arranged 4 people in a car, so will inform you.
online registration has the intention to register online can not clear telephone consultation. If we take money and ID card copy to school enrolment, we here are photographs, Internet access, medical service you come across can all procedures were done! We will be arranged according to registration time to everyone on the bus, our staff 8:00--17:00 in daily driving, look forward to serving you!